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Desicha Beverages was a hot-tea-cup product that was launched in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, in 2015. I worked on the identity, packaging and merchandising for Desicha, and created 5 different, unique flavor visualizations. 

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The product wanted a brand image that was minimal, modern and echoed the image of a steaming cup of tea. So, I came up with a simple graphic logo that also incorporated the typemark of the brand. 



Desicha is the embodiment of everything healthy about good, old Indian tea. Science is important, emotions are important, and more than anything, tea is another word for comfort. 


Desicha aims to bring awareness and make it simple for chai-drinkers to consume healthy, tasty tea. There are many flavors of chai (tea), and Desicha aims to know them all, package them with care and sell them with excitement. 

Therefore, the brand sounds like your clever older cousin: informative, fun-sounding, warm and blends good old ideals with new-age wisdom.  


Desicha gives each flavor an adjective, just like your funniest friend who knows how to exactly coin a term for "that one incident which made an impression". Each flavor, thus, deserved it's personalized adjective, color and shape, because they're just that memorable!

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Merchandise and packaging

I worked on designing hot cups and their containers. The printing inks were carefully selected to adhere to food safety standards, which meant that they would not be as rich as regular inkjet colors, and this resulted in a merchandise design that required heavy contrasts. 

And because a majority of hot-tea cup brands opted for light colors, Desicha opted to go bolder, brighter and use darker and more attractive colors, which helped them stand out in the very competitive display rack.

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Tea cups and containers

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