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"Really good storytelling."

—Christina Storm, Chief Design Officer, NetApp

"(You have) a great sense of aesthetics and balance."

—Sue Warcup, UX Manager, NetApp

BlueXP and NetApp UX

Feb 2024

Nov 2022

BlueXP is a platform offered to NetApp customers to manage their on-premises and cloud storage environments. 

My focus was on AIOps — using hardware intelligence to find opportunities for capacity additions, risk remediations and legacy software upgrades.


  • Streamlined and implemented important post-purchase experiences for NetApp customers and internal users.

  • Worked with international teams and defined visual standards for emails, PDF and MS office downloads within the products BlueXP and Active IQ.

  • Conceptualized marketplace interfaces to access digital resources, including API libraries and automated system operations.

  • Built prototypes, defined user research and used studied user behavior to inform relevant iterations to design to improve customer journeys.

  • Created and maintained a comprehensive library of user journeys for stakeholders to assess the veracity of multiple release plans.


Click on the laptop to see a small snippet of what I had worked on to enhance the upgrade advisor feature, published by NetApp TV, Jan 2024.

Click on the image to see one of the videos that I co-directed and produced while I was working in the NetApp Explore project 


  • Collaborated with a cross-functional team to deliver a unique digital pre-sales enablement experience that resulted in over 600 new sales leads across 40 international partners, as well as crafted global digital marketing strategies for onboarding new users into the experience.

  • Created, produced and directed creative marketing materials like animated videos, interactive prototypes and webinars for NetApp Insight, a conference for NetApp's vendors, partners and customers, from the years 2020-2023.

  • Built the comprehensive visual guidelines document for designing and building "Explore" using the Google Material design React framework and NetApp brand guidelines.

NetApp Explore

Explore was a proof-of-concept digital sales enablement platform by NetApp. The product aimed to connect customers with NetApp's resellers and sales for pre-sales conversations in the discovery and evaluation phase of a purchase journey. 

As the lead product designer for Explore, I managed the visual ecosystem of 4 different user dashboards, 2 dynamic webpages and an administrative control panel that managed marketing campaigns, active resellers and customer-facing pre-sales content. 

Design in Agile

Oct 2022

May 2020

Screenshots from NetApp Explore

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