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Event management + exchange of services

Ideation to implementation

  • Conceptualized an information architecture for the mobile-first product that spanned over 3 personas: hosts, vendors and event attendees.

  • Optimized the process of an event host's activities by allowing flexibility in adding vendors and types of services required — using the benefit of existing SEO results.

  • Modeled a comprehensive app structure based on competitive analysis and benchmarks as of September 2016.

  • Prototyped on paper and low-fidelity wireframes for usability testing.

  • Iterated based on user feedback and designed high-fidelity prototype and screens for development.

Information architecture
neotaAsset 2@2x.png


Low fidelity screens

High-fidelity screens


Product design

Information Architecture

UX/product research

Usability testing


Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

Visual design

UX writing

Visual storytelling

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