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NetApp ActiveIQ


  • Created information architecture, interfaces, iconography, presentations, animated interactions and digital marketing layouts for smart devices and web applications for the client, NetApp Inc.

  • Built persona profiles, prototypes and final user interface designs for NetApp Active IQ mobile app, a product that brought in nearly 5,000 unique users in 1 year in a B2B environment. 

  • Collaborated with external mobile product development teams from RapidBiz Apps to deliver the GA release of NetApp Active IQ within 10 weeks, including the complete onboarding experience and digital marketing banners.

mobile nav. map_SolidFire_July 2017.jpg

Navigation and user journey in Jan 2018


  • Hired and trained other designers in remote locations, participated with NetApp designers on building the company's new Visual Design Guidelines, and collaborated with IBM's Customer Experience team (CX) and creating a brand new customized, redesigned the entire visual and tactile user experience for NetApp Active IQ and it's counterpart sub-products like Discovery Dashboard (for sales users), etc. 

  • Designed interface layouts, user journeys, product design guidelines, as well as custom experimentation prototypes for product owners to facilitate A/B testing environments.

  • Collaborated with product owners, motion designers and marketing teams on scripting promotional voice-enabled product videos for NetApp Board of Directors, and multilevel presentation prototypes for NetApp's conferences, "Insight", for the years 2018 & 2019 (Right: photo of Rip Wilson presenting a prototype I created)

social01 copy.png

Cisco Activate


  • Designed social media content for Onstak to highlight Cisco partnership, as well as the print media that was used to decorate the partner booth at the Cisco Activate conference. 

  •  Defined a branding guideline / standards document for Onstak with specific focus on Cisco's partnership, and influenced by the Cisco brand standards.

  •  Produced several handouts for the conference, including stickers, business cards and one-pagers for services and solutions.

Onstak web presence


In 2018, the Onstak website was the last point of interaction with a potential client, partner or employee. 

There were large buckets of sales content that the Onstak team manually handled, or bundled them into LinkedIn posts, etc. 

I had an opportunity to evaluate their existing website and conceptualize something bigger — a future location for all things Onstak, with an improved focus on their best offerings. 




Illustrator (iconography)

Indesign (brand guidelines)

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