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Hi, it's Harini

I'm a UX/Visual designer based in Austin, Texas.
My work tells stories, inspires dreams and brings ideas to life through collaboration and inspiration. I aim to combine my communication background with my design skills to create and develop meaningful products. 

I am looking for my next role in UX/UI/Product design anywhere in the United States or Canada, where I can showcase my design, research and accessibility expertise.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski



Senior UX designer

NetApp, Inc.

  • Streamlined and implemented important post-purchase experiences for NetApp customers and internal users in NetApp BlueXP. Worked with design and product leaders to optimize and improve vital hardware life-cycle events such as upgrades and telemetry enablement.

  • Collaborated with a cross-functional team to deliver a unique digital pre-sales enablement experience that resulted in over 600 new sales leads across 40 international partners, as well as crafted global digital marketing strategies for onboarding new users into the experience.

  • Created, produced and directed creative marketing materials like animated videos, interactive prototypes and webinars for NetApp Insight, a conference for NetApp's vendors, partners and customers, from the years 2020-2023.


UX designer


  • Designed (for a client) a self-service web/mobile application, built consecutive product demos, and conducted user testing sessions using high-fidelity prototypes and A/B testing methods.

  • Hired and trained other designers, and collaborated with IBM's Customer Experience team to re-imagine a client's suite of telemetry reporting/insight tools into 1 unified actionable insights platform (known as NetApp Active IQ). 

    NetApp's Chief of Staff, Biren Fondekar on NetApp Active IQ's Mobile Application: "The best product from NetApp in 2018, based on it's simplicity of function and design."

  • Designed marketing and social media outlets for Onstak Inc., including a website, merchandise and visual announcements for Onstak's roadshow for Cisco Partners called 'Activate', and Cisco Live (conference). Created sentiment analysis interfaces, banners, posters, and service documentation marketing hand-outs for Onstak's many partners.


Brand Design Intern

Autovision RCD

  • Designed new digital brand standards, vision and mission for the American side of the French automobile design company. Designed a new website to reflect the updated brand standards.


UI Design Intern


  • Developed branding, prototypes and visual experience for mobile application and built interfaces for the same to be programmed by remote UI development teams


Brand & packaging designer

Desicha - Kannat

  • Developed branding, prototypes and visual experience for mobile application and built interfaces for the same to be programmed by remote UI development teams


Graphic designer


  • for Kanha School of Dance, Nirmathi Collaborative, Desi Cha, Tinyman Films, Apollo Hospitals, ADA Dental Clinics, Bluegate Beverages, PurpleBee Educational Play, Cue Entertainment, Hamsadhwani School of Music, and Arrowroots Marketing: branded, developed visual systems, created identity, product packaging and marketing collateral for healthcare providers, start-ups, non-profits and entrepreneurs in India and USA.


Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Contact me

2024-03-02 18_47_10_edited.jpg

Harini Venkataraman grew up in 2 countries, learnt over 5 languages and about 10 different art forms before she found the extraordinary world of design, which she discovered from her love for stories and visual interpretations of all kinds.

In addition to being a designer, Harini is also a classical dancer, author and poet, whose written work has been published in various places. Her passion for stories
led her to interpretative dance, fiction, screenplay writing, and eventually, to visual narration in the form of graphic design.

Harini's work celebrates the idea that behind every project lies a potential, human-centered perspective that drives the whole concept forwards and contributes to the success of the design. 

Austin, Texas


Thanks for submitting!

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